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12 Bites: 12 Days. Learn to THink Differently

Investing in your creativity will help you get the growth you desire.

Look what others had to say

Bring fresh thinking to your challenges.

Create solutions that provide you with an ROI: A Return On Imagination & Investment.

Learn to Think Differently : Doing what you’ve always done won’t propel your business to the next level. You need to think outside the box to come up with new solutions, launch new products or services, and continually evaluate how you sell your products and services in a competitive marketplace.

The daily struggle of thinking in new ways and getting a fresh perspective on old and new challenges is real. Your expertise and know how can help you create excellence in what currently is, but it falls short in helping you navigate to new frontiers when moving into the new and intriguing.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.“ Einstein

While your ability to think differently is important, your ability to think differently together with a wider team is a non-negotiable.

70% of creativite leaders outperform others on key financial metrics. (KPMG)

Creativity is one of the top 10 job skills of tomorrow. (World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs Report)

Bonus! We really want you to find your creative brilliance, so let’s make sure you have all you need:

Step-by-Step Workbook & Ready To Use Templates:

Pair the learning with the immediate doing. Guided no-nonsense worksheets and templates to activate and apply your learnings to your real challenges.

($400 value)

Bi-Monthly Live Q&A with Sura+ Creationeer Community Time

Learning from your peers across industry, to share real life application and receive live coaching.

($250/month value)

Video Content

Get rapidly on board, with video masterclasses. Real life case studies, reflection, jump into the doing to maximize uptake of the new material.

($1000 value)

Need Creativity for Your Teams?

Intrigued if this training could be good
for your whole team? Good news!

We offer live and virtual sessions focused on team or company-wide creative growth.

To learn more, contact Collaborate faster and smarter by learning and applying together.

Digital Masterclass
  • Breath new perspectives into challenge. 
  • Learn, understand and apply the building blocks of creativity
  • Push all the limits of what is possible to create innovative solutions
  • Find the idea that will get results and make it ready for market
  • Save time, money and get ideas out faster. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Literally never. But if you take the course and apply what you learn, you won’t need one anyway. You’ll probably send me a thank you card instead. We also have a 30-Day guarantee as you learn. Not vibing, no problem. We got you.

Unleash Your Creativity is a mindset, toolkit and process that has been and can be robustly used whether you are in a start-up or a Fortune 500 company, across industries and departments.

The process is modular and flexible, as it can expand and contract to fit the task at hand. Whether you have a one hour meeting, a 3 month commitment, or you are looking to dig deep for the next few years, a $5 to $5 Million budget or way more, the mindset, toolkit and process can be adapted to suit your objectives.

THink Differently is built off sessions Sura led with top companies like Disney, Barilla and Hyperloop teams of Executives, Imagineering, Operations, Marketing, HR and Finance. This course has been tested and experienced -- and it works.

You will get unstuck, think differently and unleash your creativity to create the real change you want. That’s what happens when you learn how to master the art of creativity and innovation. But this program is as much about mindset as it is tools and techniques. We are going deep into a way of being in the world so that you can honor your creativity in all aspects of your life where it matters the most.

Your CreativityDigital Masterclass

Make An Impact.