Keynote One

Differently Together

Ever wonder why your best ideas come to you when you’re on the royal throne?

How to get everyone to collaborate with each other?

How Disney, Elon Musk, and Einsteincreated breakthrough solutions?

Through her Think Differently Together presentation, Sura immerses the audience into a hands-on set of tools, techniques and behaviors that everyone can use to be tapped into their creative genius.

As the former Director of Innovation and Creativity at Disney, and having been within the industry for over 20 years, Sura will empower you to create innovative solutions that will tangibly and practically drive impact for your organization.

Sura is a tour de force speaker and rare combination of the quick humor of a Disney film, the suspense of a page-turner, and the clarity of a really good teacher. She breaks down her expertise from leading teams at Disney and We Over Me and reassembles them as pithy, actionable life lessons for the workplace and beyond!
Amy Whitaker, TedX Speaker, Author Art Thinking, Blockchain and Fractional Equity Expert
An exciting and inspirational Talk at Barilla Headquarters in Parma (Italy), of great value and much appreciated by both our RD&Q and Marketing Teams. Using a hands-on immersive method, she gave us a new lens, that was immediately practical and actionable.
Carla Alfieri, RD&Q Education & Knowledge Management at Barilla G.e R. Fratelli SpA
Sura, provided us with a different and edgy talk. It was dynamic and interesting interactive presentation where I was rapidly able to identify my strength and approaches to innovation.
Global Innovation Forum Feedback
Unique, thoughtful and relevant. We challenged Sura to create an interactive session that brought our meeting theme to life, and she did that, and so much more! Turn to Sura when you are ready to break out of your traditional approach.
Cathie Koch, Vice President, Communications & Government Relations, Bloomin' Brands, Inc
Keynote Two

The Future of Collaboration & Innovation: Happiness

Do you feel like you have purpose, mastery and autonomy at work?

Do you wake up happy and jumping to go to work?

“68% of the U.S. workforce remain unengaged despite an expected investment by U.S. corporations of over $100 billion in training and $1 billion in employee engagement”, 2017, Deloitte.

Sura unfolds her experience in shifting the Disney culture and organizational approach to happy innovation and collaboration.

Keynote Three

Abundance to Create Exponential Growth

Our world is changing at the fastest rate we have ever experienced.

And this is the slowest it will ever be.

Within this world, organizations are wondering how to adapt and thrive.

Sura, shares why now is the time to create change charged with the mindset and toolset to do so.

Keynote Four

I Care Innovation

When did you last receive a gift from a friend, where you found yourself saying, ‘wow they really get me!”.

Ever wonder how organizations do this for their customers?

Sura, shares how Disney and challenger brands walk a mile in the shoes of the person they’re creating for, giving you tools and mindsets that you can immediately apply to your organization.