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InnovationStart-up Entrepreneur for Luxury Jewelry & B2B tech for Automotive Singularity University Adjunct

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Boost Creativity with Subliminal Cues: A Guide to Lightening the Mood

2023-02-08 14:38:25

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s important to find ways to tap into your creative side. But sometimes, it’s difficult to get into the creative spirit, especially when you’re feeling stressed or stuck in a rut. Fortunately, there are simple and effective ways to trigger the creative part of your brain and get yourself in a light, playful mood.

Have you ever noticed that you feel m... Read More


Daring to be Different: How to Get Out of Your River of Thinking and Come Up with Winning Idea

2023-01-25 18:30:20

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a rut, unable to come up with new and innovative ideas for your work or personal projects? Well, you’re not alone. Many of us fall into the trap of “rivers of thinking”, where we become so entrenched in our familiar ways of thinking that it becomes difficult to come up with something truly new and unique. But fear not, there are ways to hack your min... Read More


From Idea to Reality: Navigating the Barriers to Creative Success

2023-01-22 21:04:49
Steampunk Sura

Being creative is something we all strive for, but sometimes it can be difficult to tap into our most creative selves. There are certain barriers that can hold us back, preventing us from reaching our full potential. Being aware of them can be the game changer to get from ideas and into reality.

Discover the five essential factors to keep in m... Read More


Unlock the secret to successful teamwork by discovering your unique superhero strengths and those…

2023-01-18 14:34:44

Unlock the secret to successful teamwork by discovering your unique superhero strengths and those of your teammates!

Each superhero contributes a different talent or skill to solving a challenge.

Imagine a world where you’re a superhero, and your team is your trusty sidekick. Together, you’re unstoppable! But just like any superhero duo, it’s important to... Read More


Mind over Matter: How to Organize Your Mind for Enhanced Creativity and Innovation

2023-01-16 14:13:35

Let’s going to take a journey into the depths of our minds — well, not too deep, because let’s be real, I’m not a neuroscientist. But, I am here to share with you the incredible ways in which our minds organize information and how, if we’re not careful, it can stifle our creativity. But don’t worry, I’ll also be sharing some tips and tricks on how we can harness that organization to enha... Read More


Outside Perspectives: How to Sardines & Wet Leaves helped to Create Innovative Ideas

2023-01-13 20:56:52
Conveyor Belt Sushi

The birth of Yo! Sushi was inspired by the founder’s love for sushi and his experience living and working in Japan. He was struck by the popularity of “kaiten-zushi” (conveyor belt sushi) restaurants in Japan and saw an opportunity to bring the concept to the UK. He opened the first Yo! Sushi restaurant in London in 1997, featuring a conveyor b... Read More


How Breaking the Rules can Give your Business a Boost

2023-01-11 14:48:20
Breaking a few context rules to stay fit and get work done

One question to help your growth and this one is super important. Look around and consider which rules in your business no longer serve you.

Let’s face it we come with a wealth of experience and with that it can be tough to to see the things that we have grown accustomed to. But if we don’t consider... Read More


Harnessing the Power of New Experiences for Creativity and Innovation

2023-01-09 14:13:28
Wonderspace, Phildephia

Are you looking for some inspiration to spark creativity and innovation in your life? Look no further! Here are three examples of how new experiences have led to groundbreaking innovations:

  1. The ballpoint pen became the inspiration for roll on deodorant.
  2. The Guggenheim was inspiration for IKEA! Known for its innovativ... Read More

Why Thinking Differently is the Lynchpin

2022-02-01 20:26:43

What are some circumstances that you want to change in your own present reality?

The average person thinks 60,000–70,000 thoughts every day, and 90% of those thoughts are the exact same thoughts as the day before. If you believe that your thoughts have anything to do with your destiny, if 90% of your thoughts are the same as the day before, then things will stay the same.

T... Read More


How to find a place in the hearts, minds & pockets of your customer: be real

2022-01-18 16:39:48

How to find a place in the hearts, minds & pockets of your customer: Be Real

Marketing…. Hmmmm how about having a real magical conversation with your audience?

We’ve all had conversations that feel real, and genuine.

And we instinctively know when they feel disingenuous and transactional.

As a brand, your conversation with your “audience” is no different... Read More


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