in a Nutshell

Since 2001, Sura has been in the world of innovation and creativity. She is a former Disney Global Innovation Officer at their internal think tank, B2B tech and luxury jewelry entrepreneur, and challenger strategist at the What If Innovation Group, Synectics and EatBigFish.

Sura has bridged the worlds of startups and Fortune 100 organizations. Disney, Hyperloop, Facebook, Chick-Fil-A, Levis, Kaiser Permanente, Barilla to name a few.

TO. She is the CEO of HiHelloSura an innovation network, and an adjunct at Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis Singularity University.

Big picture she will help you: use innovation and creativity frameworks, tools and mindsets to help you solve whatever problem you have; Find solutions together - the opposite of 'you come in and tell us what to do'.

Sura has spoken globally at innovation conferences, corporations and associations. She unleashes a growth mindset in delegates as they are invited to consider what is possible when they think differently together, collaborate to create big change.

She relishes the opportunity to experience different cultures, having moved 11 times by the time she was 11 coming over to the States from London, in 2006. She is a Seth Godin AltMBAer and Hive Leadership alumni.