37Human centered design Finale with Kathryn & David Eastlake


Join us for the finale of our three-part series on the importance of human-centered design for innovation and creativity. In this episode, we'll be speaking with Kathryn and David Eastlake, innovators and residents of United Church homes. They will be sharing their unique perspectives on the impact of human-centered design and how it has led to more innovation and creativity in their community. But that's not all! We'll also be exploring the secrets of blue zone living and how to find purpose using the purpose equation. Kathryn and David will share their own experiences and insights on how to live a fulfilling life in retirement. 👉About Kathryn & David Eastlake Kathryn taught 7-12 year olds at public school, in business and technology for over 30 years. David worked for IBM for 38 years as a service technician and sang in the Barbershop Harmony Qurtets for 45 years. They now both sing in the local community chorus and are committed to living out their purpose. ✍️ References on the show Bluezone living : https://www.bluezones.com Discovering and living into your purpose:  https://thepurposeequation.com

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