14Find your Purpose through Human Design, with Ahram Arya


In this episode we dive into Human Design, with Ahram Arya, former industrial designer at Nike, now turned Human Design Guide and coach. We explore what it means to have mastery and knowledge of yourself, almost like having an owners manual. Imagine that! From that place you can create, move and negotiate in alignment with the way your ‘true you’.

This is a way to get unstuck and move with ease and speed. If you have asked yourself the question, why am I here, what is my purpose, this might be the episode for you.

The method allows you to work from a position of knowing that is unique to you, and from that to be able to work from a position of strength. If you are here to personally grow, learn and evolve yourself, this may be a catalyst for you.

He asks a critical question: There is a code to manifesting what you want, but first, what are you willing to do differently?

About Ahram Arya: Ahram is a Coach, Human Design Guide, and Healer inspired to unlock your higher purpose and your power to create.

“I coach that the flow-state, spirituality, and creativity are all the same thing - but we have to support all three.”

He combines wisdom from his own spiritual path with 20 years of experience as a creative director, story-teller, and industrial designer with top brands including Nike. “I was the guy at the whiteboard bringing people together to create solutions through collective vision. Now I mix spiritual laws with proven strategies that transform individuals and teams with the power of what is.

Get in touch with Ahram Arya: Www.ahramarya.org or his name on Instagram and other social platforms.


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Hey there and welcome to the HiHelloSura show. I'm your host, Sura Al-Naimi. On this episode we are digging deep into what it means to master yourself. We are joined by Ahram Arya, a human designed coach. And he shares that mastering yourself doesn't happen by repeating patterns that never worked in the first place.

It doesn't happen by meditating or just being a spiritual either. So personal transformation happens by activating your creativity, honoring your story and healing your wounds. One of the key questions that he always asks is the COTA manifesting is what you want is by asking yourself the question, what are you willing to do differently this time?

So on this particular episode, we dig really deep into what it means to be in alignment with yourself. What does it mean to have mastery over the mechanics of how you're made so that you can navigate through the world in your own unique way, fulfilling your purpose and feeling most alive?

So without further ado, Let's get in there and welcome to the conversation.

 .Ahram welcome to the show. Nice to be here. How are you? I'm doing so well, and I'm so grateful that we carved out the time today.

So I'm so excited to be able to share. Rather for you to share with everybody about human design, so there's been a lot of reflection and intentionality about the year ahead and. I have often been asked questions around what am I supposed to be doing?

 What does the year look like for me? How do I bring these things into existence? And so based on our conversations, I feel like this is such a good fit. So can you share a little bit about what human design is or where either you feel as a great place to start for somebody that has no knowledge?

Absolutely. I think based on our conversation, which began about really getting inside of personal transformation. I think everyone is fascinated by personal transformation because that's what we're here to do. As humans, as spiritual beings is to grow and transform and learn and evolve ourselves.

That's why. Certain that's why movies get made is to tell these amazing stories and underneath personal transformation is this X marks the spot quest of what's my purpose. What am I really doing here? What's it all for? These are just existential questions that we all face, no matter what we're doing, wherever we find ourselves.

And human design is one of my most inspiring tools. It's my most powerful, a whole tool to help show someone what they're really here to do, what their purpose really is. And there's this really cool thing that happens with human design is. This opportunity to surrender to who you really are. So that's the, that's the process.

I like to think about it in terms of what human design is without getting into all the jargon. And I could talk for hours about how it all works, because it's so cool. But I like to sum it up as. The most powerful tool available to know yourself. It's like all of the best ancient philosophy says, know thyself.

If you can really know yourself and what you're good at really understand these characteristics that make you super special, then you can do more of it. I think exciting and resonate so much because being growth minded and being put into several positions where there's almost a chameleon, nature and adaptation.

And so to really understand, what is my strengths? Where am I in alignment with that? Where can I be most effective? And then where can I bring in others to support what, what gets to be done? And so I think that's so good. Exciting personally, it's very exciting for me to be on that journey of discovery because then I also can release.

Some of that pressure of having to be all things. And quite frankly, when I am 20 to be able to sing, it's so dissatisfying. And so this idea around alignment is really resonating.

So when you to work with individuals and you're bringing them to that place of purpose and alignment how do people know. When they're out of alignment. For example,

I think that a lot of times there's just a sixth sense that something is off. I think when people become stuck, they know that they're, they, when people become stuck, there's this sense that I've become stuck or, Oh, wait, I remember a time when I wasn't. So hindered by all of these factors and I was happier or things were more influence.

Maybe I've actually totally forgotten about what that looks like, but I need some help. I really like how you described that as trying to be all things. What I like to offer is this train of you have the ability. And you can take ownership of this ability to become one person,

become one person. And I'll I'll touch on I think women are under even more pressure. Than anyone to be all things to all people, there's all these different modalities and different hats of who you have to show up as here, who you'd have to be there.

And we don't want to take away someone's ability to be different and wear different hats and have even different personalities. Cause that's fun. And that's part of being a human too. But when you're pulled in too many directions, you can lose your sense of self. You can lose your sense of who you are, that could be from conditioning, from an early childhood experience.

That can be a relationship that has you behaving how the relationship needs and not what you want. So there's obviously, a lot of different things can get us to, but all spiritual. Truth. All, the whole point of coaching, the whole point of healing is to get you back in touch with that you, that is perfect and that you recognize, and that offers you the opportunity to work from a position of strength of your inner knowing.

So that's pretty a theory. All right. That's. But we all know, you know what I'm talking about, because I've had experiences of it where I felt, Oh, I feel like myself, like this feels right. For example. Yeah. So it's what is that? If it feels right. If it's, if I'm, if I'm breathing and I'm feeling in alignment and everything's happening my, with my senses and my environment.

What's happening there. There's I like to, it's pretty obvious, right? It's we can use these analogies that draw upon music and sound and harmony and everything's ringing, everything's clicking. And it really is that's really is what's going on when you're in alignment.

And you're sensitive to sounds and vibrations. You know when you're tuned up and then, when, Hey man, I'm really out of tune. What's going on here. So for people, this is such a complex system and it's I am so grateful that you've taken the time to study and investigate and explore, but at a very top level, let's say somebody is looking to identify certain traits of themselves. We've talked about generators and reflectors and manifestors and in the work that I do, for example and I know your background as well as an industrial designer within the world of creativity, innovation, There's frameworks where we say, okay, for a team to work effectively together, then this is the process of innovation.

And then these are the different creative problems thinking styles. And so you self identify and then within that, you have great collaboration within the team because it will suddenly, where your strength is and where somebody is really helpful and like you, what together?

So within this. Framework. Can you share with people who are listening maybe? And this is of course, very top level, because there's so much nuance to this framework, but can you share something? So some people might be like, Oh man, like I show up like that or what I'm really happy. Or I feel like myself, like I'm showing up like that just to give them a taste.

Yeah, for sure. So we all channel our genius in different ways. When I was working as an industrial designer to, to talk about that. Cause we have some overlap there and on, on creative teams, what you really need to do at a certain point is get out of the way of the creative mind. In other words, to have a really successful meeting about strategy or where you're going or what you wanted to do, you have to first suspend disbelief.

You have to create the space to step into what if with no judgment. And no knee-jerk reactions about what hasn't worked before, and there's a lot of, baggage and things. Sometimes you have to unload from yourself from your environment, from that person who triggers you. You've got to step into the, what if space.

So as a creative professional, I became better and better at that. And I was a kind of person who I really. Needed to think and to visualize my ideas like this first, and then I would draw them. Then I would begin my storytelling, or sometimes I would storyboard my ideas before I drew them informed.

That's just me. Other people would couldn't articulate anything and they draw their ideas with. Incredible ability, incredible talent. So whatever way you come into your creativity, that's you just so we had to create room to do that and people's energy and how they access their creativity, where it comes from.

That's one thing how they communicate. It might be something else, there's a million combinations of how we all access. Our genius and human design basically shows you the channels ways that you can best access yours. And then finally, some ways that you can make your best decisions.

And I just, I'm so passionate about that. That's the freedom, that's the freedom. You get to be yourself, the freedom you get to be different. It's not going to look like someone else's genius. It's going to look like a goat. It's only going to look like yours. And are there nuances that somebody can listen to this and self identify?

Sure. There's so many different ways to slice it. One is, if we talk about the types, for instance, the first division to me, when I think about the types of human design is our orientation to work. So forget about your job, forget about what you do to make money. When I say work, I want you to imagine what you do that brings you purpose.

That makes you feel good. That gets you fired up to do. That is a expression of your passion. That's your work. So 79% of people, 80% of people fall on the side of being a manifestor or a generator or a manifesting generator. And the way they self identify is as someone who derives an enormous amount of purpose and meaning from their work, they're not workers.

It's not, that's not acting a lot. Some people's Oh, they're working types. It's . They find themselves and what's really meaning through what's really meaningful for them through the self-expression of their work. Okay. The other 20% of people, projectors and reflectors, they're not exactly here to work in the same way.

They're here to be consultants guides. They're here to potentiate and be a catalyst for the other 80%. And the way they define their work is really different. Yeah. They know I have a really good friend. Who's a projector who loves to work on cars. Okay. That doesn't mean he's, it doesn't mean that he should stop working on cars, but at what it really means is some of his true gifts are with organizing, understanding people.

Putting people in the right places, making the machine go by seeing how in an, in kind of an administrative role of understanding how, the auto body shop might work best. So I think that's the first division that I could offer and. I think that's a great starting place because a lot of times people in personal development, one of the first things they say is okay what should I do?

How can I make my job, my passion?

So we have the projector, the manifestor the generator. Okay. And then what does the nuance and the riff and the reflector. Yeah I'll run down each tight give you my twist on it and how I see these people. % of people are manifesters and this means that they have an energy type that is wired to initiate.

So it doesn't mean that they're right or wrong or good or bad. It just means that they have an internal engine where their best role their most effortless way of being is initiating, jumping into things, starting things. Even if it's failing, they're just going to go there and they're going to go now more or less.

So if you know someone like that and you find out they're a manifester, you can be like, Oh wow. What I really need to do is just get out of their way and let them do it, let them do it. And I'll jump in later. So we can give ourselves permission to give us the manifestors a little room to just do their thing.

As a manifesting generator or a generator, which is most people, about 70% of people are generators. Your job is really to stop trying to make things happen. Stop trying to do it all at once. Right now, your energy is best expressed when you respond to things. When you're in the flow and you let things happen, and then you trust your body's response to what's going on rather than trying to architect it and make it all happen all at once.

So that's a big relief for a lot of people to be like, Oh hang back. Just let it unfold. And then I'll see what to do. Projectors. I think. Are one of the types that maybe has the most to gain from this system, because there's this huge relief for them, which is, it's not about your work. It's not about being beholden to anyone else as.

Working in response to things, they get their pleasure from being invited into situations as a consultant of whatever, or a catalyst of groups of people. So they're really these people that are the glue for teams. If a team has a projector on it, that person can really. Provide that energetic glue that keeps everybody vibrate, that keeps everybody on the same channel.

And then if you're a reflector you're really super special only about 1% of people are reflectors and they live a very different kind of life from everybody else. Manifestors and generators, I look at as, Cut from the same cloth, then one step away from that as a projector and then a giant step away from everything are the reflectors.

So the reflectors are people who are here to be mirrors. Literally. That's where their name comes from. They're like the ultimate the ultimate personal consultant. Because they sample energy in a way that is very unbiased. Their energy system is completely open and this allows them to live a really interesting life, which is like their mantra is who am I going to be today?

They're gonna just going to try things, different things every single day to sample it. So they learn not by tuning into who I am and how I'm supposed to be. So I can get out of my own way. They tune into wait, what's possible. What's this over here. What's that? And let me sample that and learn from that.

And in all of this sampling that I do. Wow. I can provide a really amazing reflections to other people about where they're at. When you talk about the reflector, is this person, I dunno, this is present. Tend to be, I don't know, on the edge of things like get, cause you say that it's so destined from the other type.

They definitely, if you're a listening to this, you definitely want to. Watch your environment, because you're so open, you're going to pick up so many different types of energies from all sorts of different places, being the person in the room that is it's you want to be the stranger in a crowded room.

That's a comfortable identity. For reflectors. So they don't get roped into things because they're supposed to be that person who's unattached from everything that's going on while at the same time sampling this sampling that they're really great givers of advice. Really super good, with of course some requisite human experience and some maturity and other things like that, but that's one of their gifts.

This is just mind boggling. We could spend so long just like diving into each area. So I'm really curious because a lot of the work that you have been doing, it's, it feels and you'll articulate it way better than I you've been working with creative teams prior, and then you, human design really shifted out your life.

Yeah, massively, heaven's become your obsession and now but now you're actually working with teams to help that integration process, that knowledge process. So what has your experience been like in that area? It's been gradual because it's. An emerging place to be, to talk about these kinds of topics in a team environment.

So the way I like to talk about it from a, a sort of the way I like to set it up as an introduction is this is Myers. Briggs has become the gold standard. Of personality tests it's been around for basically a hundred years. There's a lot of other really interesting tests out there that I've looked at studied myself.

Cause I'm interested in it that are StrengthsFinder tests are self-assessments of all different sorts. So I'm not going to knock self-assessments. Completely because they are, they do offer value for you to understand yourself. But human design offers some tools that I like to say are good for life.

They offer lifelong value in that they are the things about you. That don't change. So my orientation to my human design can continue to evolve and change as I grow as a person. And that's what I'm supposed to be doing, but there are some innate characteristics about me that are fixed. So with creative teams, Who rely on and run on collaboration.

So imagine a group of software engineers imagine a group of advertising professionals, around the room. Imagine a group of Hollywood writers, tossing ideas all the time. These types of teams can really benefit from enhanced communication. So if I can honor my own type and strategy and authority, my way I make decisions, and then I can actually understand you a little bit better and be like, Oh man, that's so true about you.

That's so true about, Oh my God, that's so true about you. Okay. So why don't you do that? And I'll do this. And then the synergy just unfolds because we have a greater recognition. Of how we can work together in a team.

That's wonderful. That's so wonderful to have, because it's almost this hidden language that you didn't know existed between you and others and all of a sudden you're unveiling that and all is Oh, I see now. Great. I don't actually want to do that. You go do that.

that's amazing. When you talked about that there are elements of us that are fixed. Am I noticed for myself that I've really resisted this idea of fixed, especially like in our society of growth mindset. And so what kind of advice do you give to people when there is that kind of Oh, I feel like all sayings have the revasc, like anything is possible and told this is fixed.

Like, how is. How has that beautiful. How can we that's great. Yeah. Cause it is beautiful. Look, everything is relatively fixed in human design because it's not a it's not that it is a set of handcuffs. It's not destiny. It's not predetermined. But there is a format and this format is what you get to play with.

So I'll pull on some, or I'll conjure up some Eastern ideas, which from the Dao or from the, each thing is like this. It's Hey, there are some universal truths about you and they aren't good or bad. It's not about good or bad there. They're just some truths about you. About the way you are. So what if the beauty is that all you have to do is get out of the way and not turn these ways of being inward on yourself.

Like they're a problem and we get to turn the dark to the light. We get to take the shadow and turn that turn, turn that into the virtue. So that's the growth it's Hey, there's this quality about you? And if you overdo it or do it in this wrong way, it works against you. But if you understand how it really works, and if you understand how to operate that way of being from a slightly more enlightened point of view, wow, it's really powerful.

It's really light.

Can you give an example because this idea of. Shifting from the dark to the light and something that clicked for me is that. Sometimes like our superhero power become our Achilles heel. If we turn the volume up too high. So then, like for example, if you are, I dunno, an idea generator, but then you're always pushing your ideas onto others.

It can be really overwhelming. And so then of service, because they're not hearing your idea. For example from my world, that would be an example. Is that something that you exactly what you talked about as a super power that, you turn the volume up too loud on, or, you put you just, you did did too much of that or did it in the wrong way can have negative consequences.

 So I'll really nerd out for a second and pick one of these qualities from human design. So I'm going to pick Gate 58. So you have gay 58 gate, 58 in your chart. This is the energy of correction. So here's how it goes wrong. If this is a root energy, this is the fuel of the logical mind. So if you have this quality about you, it means you have an intense.

Energy to correct. What's not working. If you turn this energy inwards on yourself, you might see everything that's wrong with you as a problem, and really beat yourself up. And then project that out into the world and, Oh, you're not doing this right. And you haven't done this. And then really there's the subtle, there's this soul self hatred thing that can develop from this when it's.

Misappropriated. Now the light side of this is, Hey, when I take a broader view, let's say, it's your team or your family or your community. This energy is really about identifying. What's not working and saying, Hey guys, that thing that we're doing over here, that, that process over there we did last time.

It didn't work. It's not working. And I want you all to know about it. So that we can correct. It would not be a good idea. So you feel the difference between those two things. This is the same quality expressed in a self-defeating way, and then an expansive evolutionary way. Ooh, I love that calibration of so exciting.

I'm feeling a little greedy, for example.

Sure. Okay. Here's a great one. We're pretty sure that what makes us special as human beings is our logical mind. Because we, when we compare ourselves to chimps or, dolphins are pretty good, there's other animals out there that are pretty good problem solvers, but we're the best human beings currently are the best problem solving animals that we know about.

But here's how it works in human design. If you use or attempt to use your problem-solving intelligence to solve everything, what you're basically doing is saying, okay, this didn't work in the past. I'm going to try this experiment to solve the problem this way or that way. And you get all caught up in the pros and cons of what will happen if I do this?

And I do that well, that's what you're not being logical. Maybe you want to be more like, maybe don't really want to think this through. But what is the result of problem solving? The only thing that comes out of it is the results of an experiment. Problem solving cannot predict anything. It's only can predict what happened in the past with greater reliability.

So this is a way of saying, okay, you think you're pretty smart? You think. You've got it all figured out. Okay. Maybe you do until one of the variables changes. And then when you're faced with a new variable that you didn't have in your perfect formula, guess what? The stock market crashes. So this is just a way of saying that, I'll explain this so in the eating, this quality is called youthful folly.

What does that mean? It means Hey, you're really smart. You think you humans, you think you're really smart. You're just playing with these variables that have an experiment. And then when the variables change, guess what? So here's another idea. What if you put. Logical problem solving in its right place.

It's just one strategy, not the strategy, but just one strategy. And you open yourself up to your inner guidance of your body intelligence.

This is when we talked about or authority. Can you share what that is? So the body intelligence piece. Human design lets us off the hook in a major way. And it lets us off the hook by showing us that our mind is not our authority. Our mind is an amazing tool of consciousness, of concepts of analysis.

Our brain is basically human design says it is a, basically a central processor. It's where everything comes together and you crunch all this and boom, there's your reality, but you shouldn't make decisions with it because the variables can always change. So what if freedom is not trying to make it happen exactly as you think it's supposed to happen?

And what if freedom is just letting it happen? And giving you some better tools to steer your car down the road. As obstacles pop up, you can steer around them better. So authority in human design jargon is your ultimate decision maker and people are tuned to different body intelligences that they can reliably check in with in order to make.

Their best decisions. So you and me both have emotional authority. So this is a great one to talk about because this is the most common one. So this sounds crazy feel into your decisions instead of think that that sounds nuts. So here's what it means. And here's what it doesn't mean. It doesn't mean that in the heat of the moment, when you're emotional, that you should.

Make decisions with your emotions, that exact opposite. It just means that people like us that are tuned into this solar plexus chakra. We discover our truth by letting our emotional process complete. We need to take some time. To feel into the highs and the lows of an emotional process. And when we do, when the dust settles, we'll know our decision, instead of feeling the pressure to make it happen now and pro and con our way to a decision, here's something else that's off the topic, but they just came to me as something another way, like to explain this, look, if you pro and con your way.

To an important decision. This is what usually happens. And I say this to anybody who does anything creative, if you pro and con your way to decisions, what usually happens is that you'll guarantee that the worst scenario doesn't happen. No guarantee that the thing you fear the most will not happen.

And sometimes that's good. Sometimes you need that, but you'll also guarantee that the best case scenario will not happen


so the best case scenario won't happen. If you're only logically going over what has happened in the past, logical thinking can only predict it, it's past thinking, but yes, you can project scenarios into the future, but it's a guess it's a test and that's why you have to set suspend disbelief and suspend logic and go into what if to really imagine something that doesn't exist.

Which is the essence of creativity and innovation. Anything that currently exists prior to it, existing seemed really upset crazy. And it took that and that journey to bring it into existence. Absolutely. Yeah. So to bring it out to I went off on some tangent, so does it bring it all together?

The idea is what if. The quickest way to the best expression of yourself and the best life. And the happiest life is really just about steering yourself through the moment, steering yourself through the, now this now moment to, to the thing that resonates with you the most, rather than I could've should've would've I ought to do something that has these sort of things, because that's what I think my life is supposed to be like.

And dropping into your body and be like, no, I'm gonna, I'm gonna trust the inner guidance that I'm feeling through my body to vibe me the right way to get me where I want to go. And I get to surrender. We talk about, bringing in teachings from Eastern philosophy. And I feel like it's something that has been really lost, definitely in my experience here

a, it's a reconnection, right? So it's like an unlearning, it's an unlearning back to something actually that was very intuitive for us at some point. And so human design from what you've shared with me is that we all. Have different ways of tapping into our body to make those decisions. And that's our all sorry, T so for example, you and I are in that emotional space and some people are more in that gut space.

And so there, there are different variants. And so having that awareness within myself helps me stay on the call. Amazing. So one of the things that there are so many, but we talk about manifestation, right? And you and I went through this wonderful exercise of, we're at the beginning of the year and people are thinking about what they would like to have come forth.

And everyone has different varieties, varietals of doing that. I really appreciated the way that you guided me through. Would you be able to share, some thoughts for people who are embarking on that journey? Because I just love the way that you framed it. Totally. This is one of my favorite topics to talk about because look, manifestation has become a new age.

Buzzword over used MIS misinterpreted, look it's really just comes down to how do you want to create what you want to create if you're really certain about what you want it. And even if you're not certain that's okay, too. But if you're really certain about what you want to create, what if you can make it a lot easier on yourself?

By surrendering to a process. So this is what I've pulled on. Experientially from my own previous life. And. I wanted to adapt this not only from all of the things that I've learned as a spiritual person, but also everything I've learned. Hands-on as a designer, a person with an architect brain, it's really about surrendering to the process.

So it's like this. Intentionality is the one thing that's really missing in most people's lives. And it's not their fault because they may have gone through something that has them very confused about who they are, what they want or what they're even doing here right now. Things used to make sense.

And now they don't. That's. A really common place to be when you're on the cusp of something really big, nothing is making sense. So the first tool I'd offer is this idea of intention. It just means that you're choosing right here now to create a different reality than the reality tape that's been playing up to this point.

This is a decision with your intention of selecting and visualizing the results that you want. The outcomes that describe. Your manifestation. These can be very specific things. I want to lose 10 pounds. I want to be healthy. I want to feel this way. I want to make this much money. I want to get this girl, all of that stuff.

So I'd invite you first of all, to do this. It's like with no compromises, if you can have it all your way. What do you want to create? What kind of life do you want to have with no compromise? And a lot of people have an extreme amount of resistance to this because I don't know this on this way.

This is how it is. This is what I need. And that's okay to approach because a lot of people, when they get stuck or they feel cornered, they feel defeated. By trying to do things a certain way. So that's where we have to start is just throw away everything. That's not working for a second suspend disbelief.

All right. Now, stepping into, what if, what do you want to do? What do you want to create?

Happens after that look at a series a thing, and then it's end of season one.

I can get going on a roll for a while and I'm wanting to make sure you have enough room to pivot. So good. Okay. If you're clear on what you want to do or what you want to create or shift towards, okay. The next step is the purpose or the why, discover your why. So it's really important that you separate the Y from the achievement.

Don't get those mixed up because. You can look at your, what you want to create and the outcomes that you want is their own thing. They're their own separate chief movements that may be related. Maybe they're not okay, but the purpose or your why is where it all comes together.

This is your statement of intention. So this is something that is important to not only. Infuse with what you want for yourself or why you're doing it, but also how it's going to help other people. What a good does it going to do for your community? I want to make a million dollars. Okay, great. So that you can have a secure future and that you can take that security and do X with it.

So broadening our purpose to not only how it's good for us, but how it's good for others we'll invite in to help often they will invite in the help that you need to realize what you're doing. So understanding the difference between those two is really important. I'll mention two other components that I've worked with in my secret of the universe here.

Yeah. And by the way, I use this all the time in my own life to check myself, to reevaluate my bullshit and see if, see where I need to shift if something's not working. Where this really all comes together is with your passion is with your emotional center. The idea is.

If you really want, there's a fire. There's not a fire burning inside me today about what you want to do. No problem. It's not, it's all good. But at some point you really have to want it bad enough that your soul wants it. You have to want to wake up and do something that. Is worth living for at a certain point.

You're going to have to get in touch with that because if you don't, then you're just going to have to accept that life is going to deal you different cards. How I show up and meet life is the energy that life will respond with. This is the law of attraction. It's if I show up this way with this passion passionate will me from my surroundings and my environment it's going to, if I show up with the kind of dish got out of bed and she just showed up, that's how the world will meet, so you really need to infuse, or I shouldn't say need to, it's like you in this evolution of yourself. Because you're not the same person you used to be, and you're not supposed to be in this evolution of yourself. You will find new passions and that's your guiding force. You know that when everything is going wrong, checking in with your passion and your emotions about it is what will get you back on course.

So the last thing I'll mention in this hierarchy is strategy. So here's what happens. Someone has a problem. And the first thing they do when they're seeking advice outside themselves is strategy. What should I do? How do I solve the problem? But that bypasses your emotions, your mental States, what you've been through, what you want, why you're here, it bypasses everything.

Just give me the answer, just give me the solution. Okay. So there's nothing wrong with that. But that's not how we create change. If you just give me the solution, I just replace this addiction with another addiction, this drug, with that drug. Okay. This book would that book right strategy to me. And I stole this from somebody.

I don't even remember who I stole this from a long time ago. Wonderful. Is the definition of strategy, which is to me, what I do differently. In other words, For me, the way I define the difference between a plan and a strategy is a plan is set. And this is my definition. A plan is proven set. This is the plan.

This is how you do X, Y, and Z. You just follow the plan. It works. It's driving true. Great. Okay. That's not a strategy because if it was that easy and all you need is a plan. Here you go off and running. Great. Done strategy is taking the risk. Strategy is saying, I don't know how to do this. I wanted to do something that may be so difficult that I don't even I'll be upside down and no time, I don't even know what I'm doing, but I'm willing to take a risk to do something differently.

If you're in a marketing company, use trading strategies all the time, because your customer is changing, the products are changing. How do you communicate changing? It needs to evolve. There's a constant evolution. You're constantly changing strategies. So I'd invite you to think about your life and be like, okay, when's the last time you changed your strategy about that thing that you're fighting.

So top to bottom it's emotions asking for help define my purpose. What are the outcomes that I'm trying to achieve that are I'm not willing to compromise? And then what am I willing to do differently to make it all happen?

I love that you talk about the way that you frame strategy is like, what am I willing to do differently? And it's interesting that you say, within companies and marketing teams, they're changing strategies all the time, sometimes they're not,

Eating the same way. They still think the costumer is the same. And it's just it makes me think about, the map is not the territory, in terms of dated our map, so I'm still trying to get around town based on a map of what it looked like six years. I've never heard that one.

That's so good. So in life, and that's an NLP term, but like in life, like to your point, like how, when have I updated my strategy and when you and I worked together and it came to strategy and I already had in my head like, Oh, this is like ABC do differently.

And I was like, Oh, And you even invited me to do some things differently that had nothing to do with the project. And that really excited me because I think it's you're shifting gears or shifting energy, which shifts new possibility. And so nothing to do with the project. The one that I shared, I said what if I exercise in the morning, for example, and and so as we spoke, I've been doing that. And today I was like I don't really have enough time, but I got, I bought in on a body level to the benefits of it. Not just going I think I still need to do this. So I did an abridged, it's like when you had to set a study, so I love this idea of what will you do?

What are you willing to do differently? Not being on drugs. And then the other piece that you just talked about briefly before we close out, which is this idea of bringing in help and I love the way that you frame that. Oh, cool. Yeah. So we are in the Western world, especially we are programmed to do it all ourselves.

We overload ourselves with the pressure to have to make it all happen. And the last thing we want to do is expose ourselves and say, I don't know what the I'm doing. I have no, this imposter syndrome creeps in and I'm like, I actually not qualified to do this, but I got the job. How do you know all of that sort of stuff?

And that can creep up in, in family relationships and know that can creep up everywhere of not feeling like you don't know what you're doing. That's okay. What if that's just fun and powerful vulnerability is saying, you know what? I need some help with this area of what I'm doing. Cause I don't know shit. I don't know. I don't know what I'm doing. I need some help here. So in coaching or consulting or look, why would you pay or take out pick, why don't you invest your time in any source of help period.

What I like to say is the whole purpose of investing your time to get some help is because it allows you to get there faster. If you want to do it all by yourself, go for it. It's going to take you longer to realize whatever you need to realize. If you want to get there faster, find that mentor. Find that new source of inspiration.

Go talk to someone, go be vulnerable. Tell someone you don't know anything about this aspect of what you're trying to create, and you want their knowledge. I love that. And I love the idea of. Bringing in, you might know somebody, or you might be wishing for a certain type of person even have that on your advisory board.

I've spoken to people who've said that, they have I can't remember. It was like late Oprah and such and such. And these individuals are on their advisory, but when they're like, I woke up this morning and I went to my advisory board and I was like, Oh, okay. So you've.

You've brought in these energies into. Okay, great. And when you, and I talked about, you said what kind of individuals do you think? And I'm like, Oh, and that was such a liberating thing to be able to ask for help from people that I'm not yet like the, I don't know yet that are yet to come into why not major awareness?

Exactly. And if you don't know the person to ask, then you can ask your, you can consult your spiritual advisors to ask for help. You can, you can ask for help in a million different ways to find your center. What I loved about what you said too there, which is cool for entrepreneurs or businesses, is that asking for help?

Reinforces. Your role, it reinforces what you're supposed to do and what you're really good at by dividing the things that you're not supposed to do. And you want to delegate, Oh, wait, I get to only do this thing, which I'm really good at. Oh, of course. Why wouldn't I wouldn't we streamline everything about my life to do this.

Yeah. I love that. We could talk for hours. So for individuals that would love to get in touch with you and find out more about your work. You're so generous. You've there's so much of your work already online that people can rabbit hole into or actually spend some time with you. What's the best way for people to do that.

For sure. The simplest thing to do, you can just go to my website. It's just my name Ahramarya.org . You can find me on Instagram with the same handle. I do some human design blogging with my Instagram with that, which is called human design tribe, which is all about, really nerding out on human design.

But yeah, those are probably, that's probably three. Oh, that's perfect. And I'm very grateful again for you spending the time. Thank you so much, Sura.

Well, once again, thank you so much for joining us. Um, if you would like to get in touch with Iran, as he mentioned, go to Iran, aria.org, or on all the other handles, and I will have his communication methods and abilities.

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